[nSLUG] gNewSense drivers question

Stephen Gregory nslug at kernelpanic.ca
Mon Feb 9 17:55:07 AST 2009

Rich wrote:
> Its very possible.   Most wireless adapter use ndiswrapper and the
> Windows DLLs .

I am fairly certain this is not true. I believe most chips now have good
native support but may require firmware (binary blobs) to work. That
said many USB wireless devices don't work, or don't work well.
(Regardless of OS.)

> BCM4306

The firmware cannot be redistributed. A script such as b43-fwcutter is
used to extract the firmware.

> Intel 2100

The ipw2100 firmware can be redistributed with some minor restrictions.
I suspect most recent distributions include it. gNewSense obviously is
not going to include the firmware is it a binary-blob without source.

I like the intel Wireless cards because Intel aren't a bunch of jerks.


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