[nSLUG] wrt54gl router

Daniel Morrison draker at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 11:01:24 AST 2009

2009/2/9 Daniel Enman <microburn at gmail.com>:
> I've been running dd-wrt for awhile on my Linksys wrt54g v6 (or
> something like that). It runs well, but like Eri said, since it's a
> newer model, only the micro works.

Right, only 2 MB of flash, and 8 MB ram.

> I've only had one problem, that seems
> to be related to BitTorrent... whenever I try and download *anything*
> off BitTorrent, the whole thing locks up. Followed the wiki and
> everything, but nothing seemed to work. Not sure if it's a problem with
> the router itself, or if I didn't config something right.

You've increased the value in /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_conntrack_max, and
maybe tweaked the timeouts?  This is a good page, with a good link to
a FAQ page also (don't just read the first post!):


Note that there are limits to how far you can raise these numbers on a
router with only 8 MB of RAM. It shouldn't lock up though, even if you
raise the limits too far!

> There is quite a few config options available on the dd-wrt, and it's a
> very nice system, even the micro version. If you have some spare time,
> and don't mind possibly junking your router, I'd say give it a try

<grin> It is possible to junk your router, but it's "almost always"
possible to recover it. If anyone has junked their WRT54G* and given
up on it, I'll try my hand at reviving it for, I don't know, a Subway
sandwich. :)


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