[nSLUG] wrt54gl router

Daniel Morrison draker at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 10:40:18 AST 2009

2009/2/9 Eri Ramos Bastos <bastos.eri at gmail.com>:
> But if you still don't have the router you may want to consider other
> hardware, since this model won't be able to handle more advanced
> features. You'll only be able to install the mini (micro? lite?
> whatever?) version.

According to:


you can install 'any' version of dd-wrt, however the notes then go on
to indicate that you cannot install the 'MEGA' version.

It is basically identical to any of the supported WRT54G models
(versions 2.0-4.0: 16 MB ram, 4 MB flash).  The only "better" box in
that series is the WRT54GS (versions 1.0-3.0: 32 MB ram, 8 MB flash).
However buying a generic WRT54G/GS is challenging, because you have to
ensure to get the correct version, and they can no longer be bought
new. Getting the WRT54GL ensures compatibility.

Of course, there are now other, even better routers available, but you
will have to pay more money for them.

My personal favourite router (also an older model, and functionally
identical to the WRT54G/GL) is the Motorola WR850Gv2.


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