[nSLUG] Generic Diagnostic / Flow Chart / Decision Tree Tool

Daniel MacKay daniel at bonmot.ca
Thu Feb 5 10:26:07 AST 2009

Hey all! This is NOT Linux related so you may want to hit [Ignore  
Thread] right now.

I have a couple of applications for a tool that can support a flow  
chart or decision tree, e.g.

[Check Power]
"Is the green power light on?"
   No --> Check power
   Yes --> Check data cable

[Check data cable]
"Can you see the data cable from the modem to the CPU?"

... etc.

My first impulse is to do it in a wiki, because I use a wiki for LOTS  
of other applications, but I am thinking that a very short trip down  
this road will lead to frustration and unhappiness.

It'll have to run as a LAMP web application (only because that's all  
I ever do these days.)

Do you have a suggestion of one that you've heard about or worked  
with that worked?

I could also roll my own, and the more I think about it, the more  
it's likely that I will, unless someone suggests something perfect.   
Before most of you were born, I built one on the Apple // (written in  
a bizarre minimalist language called WPL.) The one I built allowed  
teachers to create interactive children's stories:

<picture of barn> The kittens have gone into the barn!  Do you want  
to follow the kittens or go back to the kitchen?


<picture of granny and a pan of cookies>  Oh look! Granny has made  
ginger snaps!  How many do you want?

[ < 3 ] yum yum!! Now let's go look at those kittens!
[ else ] Owww your tummy hurts , let's go lie down for a while!

etc etc.

(as I wrote that I realized it's a lot like an RPG.)

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