[nSLUG] DVD drive with no CD audio

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Wed Feb 4 22:24:39 AST 2009

Mike Spencer wrote:
> Just bought a DVD drive: "Super Multi DVD Rewriter Model GH22 np20"
> under the LG  marque.
> Mounts a DVD data disk and plays .avi video files that are one it,
> complete with sound and subtitles using mplayer.
> But an ordinary audio CD produces no sound.  The drive spins up when
> the cdp command is issued but nothing comes out of the
> speakers. Nothing I do with the mixer (aumix) changes this.
> Same box/OS plays audio CDs on the original CD drive just fine.
> Is there some trick that everybody knows that I don't?  Some new
> "feature" of recent hardware in general or LG in particular for which
> there's a required workaround?  New DVD drives are hopeless?
> Anything?
To save .02 cents, many of the new drives use the IDE interface
to send the audio signal.  Some apps cannot handle this.
Which app are you using to play the CD?

Try Totem or XMMS to start with -
these will play CD audio via IDE.

In 12.1, make sure you add yourself the audio group as well.

 > groups
users wheel floppy audio video cdrom games plugdev power

If not, add your id to them, otherwise you may not have access
to play sound.


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