[nSLUG] Why GUI is important to Linux (was Data Recovery... )

David Potter dlpotter at eastlink.ca
Wed Feb 4 11:55:14 AST 2009

This has the feeling of one of those "for want of a nail..." 

Over the holiday I installed a nvidia Geforce 7300 GT video card and on 
my Ununtu 8.04 system the monitor does not receive a signal until very 
near the end of the boot process... 

When I originally installed the video card I connected another monitor 
to the on-board video port and monitored the boot up process but after a 
while I turned it off and simply let the machine boot without paying 
attention until the Genforce produced output. This system serves as a 
data server for other machines so it is not re-booted very often.

This was fine until one day I was looking at some older live 
distributions that were having trouble dealing with my hardware and I 
was using the 'system reset' to clear the way for the next cd...

...and then, tiring of that particular fun, I went back to my current 
install and when the system did not come up as quickly as I thought it 
should I pressed the damn button once too often!


I believe that 'GUI is good' because the support for hardware seems very 
closely tied to the perceived size of the user base and clearly not 
everyone is prepared (or able it seems... ;-) to think all the time.

If anyone has any insight into why the Geforce doesn't wake up quicker, 
or what I could do to encourage it to wake up sooner I'd be very 
interested. I have thought about disabling the on-board video but I'm 
hoping to find an explanation of why that needs to be done.


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