[nSLUG] Google Wave invites

Rowan Townshend rowan.townshend at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 10:26:49 AST 2009

Hello all,

  It would seem Google has granted me more invites (they have been doing
this in "Waves"). :-P
  As such, the same points (below) apply.
  Anyone who wants one, come and get it!


On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 6:55 PM, Rowan Townshend
<rowan.townshend at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hello all,
>   I have 13 "nominations" for the Google Wave (BETA) which I am willing to
> part with.
>   If interested, please respond  to my e-mail address (rowan DOT townshend
> AT gmail DOT com) with the following (a valid G-Mail address (
> http://mail.google.com/mail/signup)).
>   I will reply to your mail with confirmation upon submitting the
> nomination.
>   I will respond to the mailing list once all of the nominations have been
> dispensed.
>   First In, First Out.
>   # FAQ
>   # What is Google Wave?
>   This is best explained by the Google dev team (
> http://wave.google.com/help/wave/about.html).
>   # What is a "nomination"?
>   Google allows Wave users the ability to nominate others for a Wave
> account.
>   It is up to Google to grant / reject nominees (based on whatever criteria
> they use).
>   # I did not get a confirmation mail from Google about my nomination,
> WTF?!
>   Google will not send you anything unless they grant you an invite.
>   I know some people who had a wait time of 2 weeks for this.
>   Do not send me follow up mail on this point.
> -Rowan
> rowan DOT townshend AT gmail DOT com
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