[nSLUG] Rise & Fall of the PDA

Johnathan Thibodeau jthibo at chebucto.ns.ca
Thu Aug 27 01:11:08 ADT 2009

I've never owned a Palm of any sort. I did, however, tool around with a 
Zaurus which I bought from someone on this list a few years back. It 
worked well enough, and I still have it... somewhere... I think maybe in 
my basement.

Personally, my big problem with planners and PDAs (including the 
Hipster), is that there is actually work required in maintaining current 
data. I can never remember to put that all important piece of 
information on just the right page, or in just the right folder. It just 
doesn't occur to me at the time. Maybe this could be solved with one of 
those courses... maybe.

It seems to me that if I were to actually spend the time to plan out and 
mark down all the tasks I have, I could have the tasks half completed by 
now. But that's just me. Maybe it seems like so much more work simply 
because I'm not accustomed to it.

My solution: get someone else to do it. Chances are that my task will 
come to me in email form anyway, so a Blackberry suits me just fine 
(plus it's rugged enough to endure me habitually dropping it, God bless 
them for that :) If someone asks me to do something that is important 
(and usually only one person will ask me to do something, small office), 
he gets the "Send it to me in an email."

As a backup, I just use the 'ol Headster (sorry). It may forget or delay 
tasks once in a while, but at least I can't forget it on the bus.

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