[nSLUG] Perl Guru

Daniel MacKay daniel at bonmot.ca
Wed Aug 26 23:25:10 ADT 2009

I *am* a Perl guru and I have a bit of an interest in this particular  
project: I want to peel all the memos and contacts out of the Palm  
database, and stuff them into my "intel" wiki.

This will give me version control on all of this stuff, which I  
desperately need, because now that I have sync'ing up between the  
Palm, the Mac and the Blackberry, I'm losing data because the Mac and  
Blackberry overwrite fields in the Palm address book and I'm losing  

I've looked at the Perl Palm modules, and they look pretty  
straightforward, so I just have to get off my ass.  I've used one,  
which peels encrypted passwords out of Strip, and if you put in your  
Strip password, your database comes out on your Unix terminal in  

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