[nSLUG] Rise & Fall of the PDA

Richard Bonner ak621 at chebucto.ns.ca
Wed Aug 26 21:17:20 ADT 2009

On Sun, 23 Aug 2009, Daniel MacKay wrote:

> Does anyone remember the Palm?  I do -- I've had one attached to the 
> end of my arm since 1997, when my boss, John Sherwood, wanted to 
> upgrade his original Pilot 5000 to something a little more modern.

> The conclusion I've come to is: people abandoned their Palms when 
> they got celphones, because of the inconvenience of carrying around 
> one more thing;  most people (possibly not most people on this list) 
> consider having a gadget bandolier to be excessively geeky.
> The great irony of course, is that the paper and pen (oddly, not 
> pencil as was part of the Daytimer religion) Hipster is considered, 
> well, hip, and the much more capable Palm is considered outdated, 
> even when the Hipster is based on millenia-old hardware and both 
> systems on an organizational system in common use a half century 
> ago.

***   It will all be obsolete soon enough when wireless, voice-command 
"thin clients" combine it all into one tiny device with all of the 
data and programs on some server somewhere. One will simply access it 
with any device - even a friend's. The device will cease to be a 
personal one and become just like any telephone. Enter the number and 
you are connected - except that number will be your own personal code.

    The best part is that you can forget it, lose it, even destroy it 
and anyone else's will be able to be used as if it was your own. The 
device will become just be another throw-away interface.


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