[nSLUG] Rise & Fall of the PDA

J. Paul Bissonnette jpaulb at eastlink.ca
Wed Aug 26 20:04:01 ADT 2009

Daniel MacKay wrote:
> Does anyone remember the Palm? 

I have a TX and had a Vx think that is what the old one was called and 
before that the non-ultra-plus of gizzmos *Psion Series 3*.

I have about 1500 names stores in the TX, check for email when I am on 
the road, The installed GPS software helps me find my way around place 
like Ottawa and Montreal.

Before Palm came on the scene I was using a *Psion Series 3* dating back 
to 1991, which at that time was light years ahead of the Palms in 

This was my portable office, with agenda, contact list, word processor, 
no wireless or GPS though. My wife and I use to work on the translation 
of my website in a friendly biergarten instead of a stuffy office. When 
the series 3 died and the only real option was a palm, since Psion was 
becoming unreliable, I felt like I went from a Bentley to a Chevy Geo.

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