[nSLUG] Rise & Fall of the PDA

Joshua B. juggins at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 14:57:35 ADT 2009

I bought my first palm pilot in Taiwan from a german co-worker. Parts
of the interface were in German. Over the years I lost or
destroyed.wore out a number of palm pilots, handsprings, and finally a
Sony Clie - which died some time in 2007. I never lost my data however
and if I could find a functioning Palm OS device or emulator I could
re-animate the last good image which is still sitting on a memory
stick.  If I did, I believe some of the category fields in the
built-in apps are still in German --- little artifacts that survived
from 1999.

I would like to recruit a local perl guru to guide and admonish me on
a project I've been working on ever since the demise of my last PDA.
I'm trying to implement David Allen's GTD "religion" using a
combination of a real paper and metal filing system at home and a set
of files and cgi scripts on a public access unix webserver.  The
biggest challenges are consolidating the multiplicity of online
"inboxes" and making everything accessible on my pre-paid Samsung
M300, (whose WAP/xHTML browser is as about as unfunctional as possible
without actually being broken --- actually I think it might actually
be broken by design).

So about that perl guru... will you be there next Tuesday?

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