[nSLUG] Your Editor not as good as mine

Daniel Morrison draker at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 19:26:03 ADT 2009

2009/8/14 Daniel MacKay <daniel at bonmot.ca>:
> I found the CUTEST teeny editor (the Solaris binary was only 90K!)
> called "gnome" which was almost modeless and did not require you to
> explain what META meant.  "gnome" stood for something like "this is
> not emacs."  For email type editing -- typing stuff, erasing it,
> saving it -- it was perfect.  Something like Control-X saved and quit,
> and luckily elm would let you edit again if you wanted to go back into
> it.  It did have a help screen, "repeat this command" cut/copy and
> paste and find-and-replace, but no one needs those for email.
> I'd love to have the sourcecode for it again, but in the intervening
> couple decades I've misplaced it, and of course the big graphics
> package is now called by the same name so googling for it is useless.

Now, there's a challenge.

I found many references to it -- "Generally NOt the Micro Emacs":
but the link to the code is gone.

I managed to download gnome.arc from here:

but I am unable to 'unarc' it. Claims to be corrupt. Besides, it think
what you want is 'gnomesrc.arc' anyhow, and it's not there.


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