[nSLUG] Outmanoeuvring my Aliant router?

Gerard MacNeil aa030 at chebucto.ns.ca
Sat Aug 8 11:46:35 ADT 2009

On Fri, 2009-08-07 at 23:53 -0300, Joshua Bearden wrote:
> Before I get into the gory details, I'm wondering if anyone has any
> recent or ongoing experience escaping an Aliant, locked-down
> Speedstream router. 

Well, I have a "Siemens SpeedStream 4200 Ohio" between me and the rest
of the world, if that is what you mean.  

It's been a few years, but if memory serve correctly, I had to login to
it (, I think) and save my Aliant PPPOE username/password.

If I used a DHCP client (default linux intsall in a lot of cases), the
SpeedStream has DHCP server capabilities so it took care of everything.
I could browse, do email, etc. My computer had a local (192.168.x.x)
address. I suspect this works quite well with  those other guys.

However, I use PPPOE to connect and the SpeedStream transparently routes
everything. I used the Debian package pppoeconf to configure.

The "magic" is in /etc/network/interfaces

pre-up /sbin/ifconfig eth0 up 
auto dsl-provider
iface dsl-provider inet ppp

where dsl-provider is defined by a file in etc/ppp/peers/
and your PPPOE credentials are in /etc/ppp/pap-secrets

The "pre-up" line ensures the hardware is awake when you need it.

Yeah, that's pretty much how I remember it. :)


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