[nSLUG] Outmanoeuvring my Aliant router?

Joshua Bearden joshua.bearden at unb.ca
Fri Aug 7 23:53:22 ADT 2009

Before I get into the gory details, I'm wondering if anyone has any
recent or ongoing experience escaping an Aliant, locked-down
Speedstream router. By escape all I mean is I want it to forward a few
ports for me like 80 and 22 and friends.  In New Brunswick I found
that all the necessary features of aliant's router could be accessed
by the correct URLS.  Here I find any URL I send by the browser get
re-written as the base IP addres of the router.  Any way I'll get more
detailed if any one's willing to help me troubleshoot but before
getting to that stage I'd like to hear if anyone here is an Aliant
customer and has already figured this out.

Thanks in advance!


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