[nSLUG] OT: mail server stuff (was Re: Apache)

Sheldon Tower shtower at eastlink.ca
Fri Aug 7 22:38:16 ADT 2009


Thanks a lot for your help. I ended up taking Hatem's advice and 
installing Ubuntu 9.04. I was able to configure the network device on my 
server (eth0) to connect to my router using a static ip address. My 
router (of course) is connected to the internet using a dynamic ip 
address. I forwarded all traffic coming to my router on port 80 to the 
static ip address of my server. My server can now be accessed from 
outside my local network.

I also installed a vncserver so I could administer my web server 
remotely, but I found that ssh is much easier to use. I tried using 
TightVNC to connect to my server, but it wouldn't let me connect unless 
a user was logged in on the server. I can login as any user on my 
server, and administer the server using ssh even if there is no user 
already logged in.

Thanks again for your help. I've been using Linux for everyday computing 
for a while, but I've never administered my own server before.


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