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> I've been trying to set up a web server under Fedora Core 11 using my old
> Acer Aspire 3860 laptop. I installed the Apache server software and enabled
> and started the httpd service. When I open my web browser, and type "
> http://localhost", I'm presented with the index.html test page that I put
> into the directory "/var/www/html." I have no trouble accessing my test page
> from the computer running Apache, but I can't access the page from any other
> computer. I tried typing "http://[my ip address]", and "http://[my ip
> adress]:80" with no luck. I did open up port 80 on my router, and I tried
> changing the port from port 80 to port 8008 by editing the "Listen" line in
> the httpd.conf file, but I still got the same results. Can anyone tell me
> how to access the website on my server from another computer, or know of a
> fairly "user friendly" Apache tutorial? Also, I read somewhere that some
> ISPs prevent people from using port 80 to run a web server. Does anyone know
> if Eastlink does this?
> Many Thanks
> Sheldon
Eastlink does NOT block port 80, I run several websites on a Slackware
server at home with no problems. They do however block outbound traffic on
port 25/SMTP, I assume to prevent spam/bots/etc. (Or at least they used to
and I haven't tested it recently since it's easy enough to use the eastlink
server as a smartrelay)

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