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Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Wed Aug 5 16:00:25 ADT 2009

Recently  I was told that a CIO type committee was formed in the provincial 
government IT management.  I have also heard that they have advised the 
politicos that Open Source Software is "not sustainable".  Now I believe this 
is plain and simply incorrect.

What I am asking is for this groups help in countering this claim.  I hope to 
be able to prepare a bound copy of an alternative position showing the 
sutainability of Open Source.  I want to be able to debunk every myth and MS 
FUD that they can present.

I am seeking your help.

I would like to have links to documents, case studies, case histories, 
contacts, financial evaluations, first hand reports, and any other information.
I want to edit it and put together a complete dossier to present to the 
government as an alternative to the position taken by this CIO committee.

Possibly we have an opportunity to make a change with a new government.  If it 
takes meeting as a small group to review the material available, I am up for 

I know it is the dog days of summer, but I would like nothing better than for 
this CIO committee to come back from vacation and find their position not only 
refuted, but overturned.  It has to be a workable, financially viable, 
technically valid paper, showing that their assumptions and beliefs are wrong 
and that Open Source is 'right'  and now is the time for change.

The arguments have to include why closed source itself is the unsustainable 
position.  It has to state why the interests of the software companies is not 
the interest of the public and taxpayer, and that Open Source is.

Do we have any interest??

I want to hear from you.

Jim Haliburton

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