[nSLUG] Extra media buttons on Toshiba A100

Daniel Morrison draker at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 18:14:35 ADT 2009

Hi Mike,

First thing I'd suggest is to run 'xev' (the x event tester). You need
to run it from a terminal window and view the text output. Make sure
the Event Tester window has focus, and push some of those buttons. If
you see a 'KeyPress' event, then any old app that has configurable
keys can do something with them. xbindkeys is what I used, but I'm
sure many that have been mentioned are good, or perhaps even the gnome

If you don't see events, then you have to dig into BIOS issues, and
perhaps ACPI support & event handling... much more work.


2009/4/10 Mike Doherty <mikelifeguard at fastmail.fm>:
> First post to the list so "Hi there!"
> I've just installed Ubuntu 8.10 as a dual boot with WinXP onto my
> Toshiba Satellite A100 and the extra media buttons don't work - anyone
> have a tip on getting that up & running? I'm not overly concerned -
> Windows refuses to pay attention to them too, so I'm used to it :D
> Still, any pointers would be appreciated.

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