[nSLUG] Need to borrow: scsi enclosure

David Potter dlpotter at eastlink.ca
Sat Apr 4 10:44:46 ADT 2009

Dan, I found the cable...



Daniel MacKay wrote:
> George:
>> If you have disks it might be easier to find a 2nd system, but  
>> maybe it
> I'm lazy, I don't want to build a new system this weekend. I just  
> wanna plug in some drives, tell ZFS to fix up whatever it sees wrong,  
> and get on with solar stuff and helping community organizations get  
> real stuff done.
> Plus having my own E220R has a certain coolness value.  I get the  
> "You should move to a generic system" fairly often from another geek  
> friend. He drives 1970s muscle cars. You'd think he'd understand.
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