[nSLUG] Need to borrow: scsi enclosure

Daniel MacKay daniel at bonmot.ca
Fri Apr 3 19:39:32 ADT 2009

Hello all!

I have a Solaris box , bonmot.ca, used for numerous nonprofit public  
websites, internal communications, their wikis, and society  
management stuff.

It has two internal drive slots, and due to an egregious error made  
some time ago, its zfs filesystem is running in raid0.

One of the drives is failing and it's only a matter of time before it  
goes off line completely, taking the machine down.

I could take it down, back up the data, set up the zpool properly,  
and restore, but that would make all these services unavailable for a  
while. If I could borrow an external scsi enclosure, I could vastly  
reduce that time.  The amount of disk required is tiny: I have only  
about 20G in use for that machine (bonmot.ca is just one zone on the  
machine, and the global zone is on another partition and is fine) and  
I have a couple of 18G SCA-2 drives which could go in that kind of  

The server has this kind of HD68 connector (I use a picture because  
of the vast VAST abundance of SCSI connectors, and names for them:)


... however of the two, the cable is the easier to get.

So, if you can lend me an external scsi enclosure, please write back.

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