[nSLUG] Wireless Woes

Vikram Chhatre crypticlineage at gmail.com
Sun Sep 28 17:20:35 ADT 2008

This weekend I delved in the world of wireless finally.  My new Inspiron
1525 notebook arrived and so did the Linksys WRT54GL wireless router.  After
several long hours on freenode/slackware/dd-wrt channels, I managed to flash
the firmware on the router to dd-wrt Version 24 stable standard generic.
Also, the intel wireless card drive on my notebook has a driver built into
kernel, so the module iwl4965 was already probed and running.  I am using
wicd as the wireless connection manager.

The problem is, I am only rarely able to connect to the network, lets say 1
out of 10 attempts.  The client sees the network, network sees the client
card, but simply wont let in.  No error messages.  I have already tried
doing hard reset on the router a couple of times (30:30:30 reset).  This
hasn't helped.  I should mention that my wired LAN is working just fine.
Here are more details:

Intel 4965 Card - driver iwl4965 built into kernel
wicd configuration and connection manager


Linksys WRT54GL v1.1 router
dd-wrt v24-stable-generic-standard  Firmware

Wireless Mode: AP
Wireless network mode: Mixed (both B and G)
Wirless ESSID:  crypticlineage
Channel: 7 @ 2.442 GHz
SSID broadcast:  Enabled
Sensitivity range: 2000 meters
Network configuration: Bridged

Security mode:  WPA Personal level 1
Altorithms:  TKIP+AES
WPA shared key: 63 letter hexadecimal key
Key renewal interval 3600 seconds
Authentication type: Auto

Here is the log from /var/log/wicd/wicd.log :
The tail part of the log obviously refers to the connection success.

Here is the router log for IP connections.  I could not make much sense out
of it, but perhaps you guys can.:  http://www.pastebin.ca/1213030

I am at least able to login, though inconsistently, from my slack12.1
laptop, but my roommate cannot even get the encryption key dialogue box.  He
sees the network, but can't go any further than that.  Also, the  signal for
him is much weaker than it is for me.  I typically get 92-100% signal.  His
is much much weaker.  He gets excellent signal for other networks in our
building.  His laptop is winxp.

I am pretty sure the problem is with some dd-wrt setting, but cannot
pinpoint it seeing how inexperienced I am with the software.  Later today, I
will test my wireless card at Starbucks and at the University, but I dont
think I will have any problem there.

Thank you so much for taking time to read through all this and for any input
you may have.

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