[nSLUG] ethernet and the modern linux

Daniel Morrison draker at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 18:53:53 ADT 2008

2008/9/26 Mike Spencer <mspencer at tallships.ca>:

> Ho hum.  Here, apparently, is another udev fu. I normally set
> permissions on /dev/hdc and /dev/hdd (the cd/dvd drives) from 660 to
> 664 so that I can run eject as a non-root user.  With Slack 12.1, this
> gets reset to 660 at each reboot.  Feh.  I guess I have to beat up the
> udev manpage.

I've noticed recently (12.0+??) that the Slackware 'adduser' script now
prompts to put new users in the 'cdrom' group (as well a 'video' and a couple
of others).  This allows the user to eject the cdrom without needing to change
the udev permissions.  (Not that learning how to set the permissions with udev
isn't a valuable thing to do!)

Something that's bugged me: I set up an automounter (runs are root) and it now
mounts my USB stick, USB external drive, etc. no problem.  But then I find
that a FAT32 filesystem is mounted as 'root', so no access by me as an
unprivileged user!  I added 'umask=000' to the automounter's mount options,
and that fixed it.  Until now (maybe after an upgrade?) mount complains in the
log: unknown option umask=000.  So I had to take it out again.

> (I know, I should get a newer router but my laser printer is
> parallel->Centronics and nobody has a router anymore with a printserver that
> isn't USB. Ho hum again. :-) Word on the street is that the USB->Centronics
> adapter cables are flakey.  Any thoughts on that?)

Buy an integrated network card for your printer!  :)

Buy a Linksys wireless router running Linux, do the serial port hack on it,
and run your printer off serial.  (Actually this probably a bad idea, as the
serial hack doesn't create a fully-featured serial port -- no flow control).

Buy a second-hand replacement wireless router with a parallel port.
Asus WL500B, WL500G (not the deluxe or premium models)
That one runs Linux and is compatible with 3rd-party firmware too (DD-WRT).


Umm.... out of ideas...


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