[nSLUG] Slackware, Emacs & LC_ALL (Was: linux home or workplace...)

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Fri Sep 26 02:34:56 ADT 2008

I wrote:

> [Slackware 12.1...] /etc/csh.login contains the line:
>    setenv LC_ALL POSIX
> but the corresponding file for bash, /etc/profile, has no
> corresponding line...[causes a] really annoying problem in Emacs
> DIRED...

and "Daniel Morrison" <draker at gmail.com> replied:

> Interesting!  You should let the Slackware people know... 

I don't know how to do that. I've exchanged email with Patrick but
this seems like a detail for the hackers.  Maybe I'll have a look at
alt.os.linux.slackware.  Never been there.  About time, I guess.

> I found this in slackware-current change log:
>   Mon Sep 15 20:35:43 CDT 2008
>   a/etc-12.2-noarch-1.tgz: Do not set LC_ALL POSIX in
>   /etc/csh.login.  Not only is this the wrong setting, it isn't even
>   in the proper file.  :-/ Thanks to Jim Diamond.

Huh.  So what *are* the "proper" file and the right setting?  I'm not
up to speed on i18n and the locale stuff because ASCII covers nearly
everything I ever do and date formats (until this little item) didn't
much matter to me.

> If you find out more, let us know...

Yeah, will do.  Mutter...mumble... :-)

- Mike

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