[nSLUG] Mozilla issues...

David Potter dlpotter at eastlink.ca
Thu Sep 25 09:15:11 ADT 2008

Until I converted my main desktop platform to Ubuntu I had been happily 
sharing one Thunderbird and one Firefox profile between a couple of 
WinXP computers. The profiles were located on the Linux box using Samba 
and both windows machines could access the  profiles without any 
problems... specifically the bookmarks, message folders and message filters.

Now with my Ubuntu desktop, the message folders are available but the 
message filters complain that "the folder specified {in a particular 
filter} cannot be found". These are filters that I have re-created using 
the 'browse for filter' interface in Thunderbird.

I have also had no success using a symbolic link to point to the Firefox 
bookmarks file 

The failure of message filtering is intruding on my work zone and the 
fact that sharing the  bookmarks.html file seems easier in Windows is 
something I find hard to accept... ;-)

Any suggestions?


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