[nSLUG] HRM Library and Downloads

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Sun Sep 21 21:05:42 ADT 2008

Good Evening All;

Well it seems that the technical wizards at our vaunted HRM have done it 
again.  For a library, one could consider them pretty illiterate.  What 
you have is non-technical decision makers listening to well intentioned 
but technically lacking 'experts' who say this will do the job.  It is 
then implemented by a no charge work term intern or other temporary, or 
lowest on the ladder individual, who has little real-world, broad, 

The end result is a mind numbing blank look from the 'officals' when you 
question them.  They don't know and the technical 'expert' usually has a 
solution to sell, and a support contract to go with it.  So they are only 
open to the solution they sell.

It is obvious that the library has little care about whom is dis-
enfranchised by this poorly implemented and narrow 'solution'.

So the question is how does one get them to correct this injustice?  

1) A polite letter pointing out the fact that up to 20% of the taxpayers 
are likely not able to use the feature that those same taxpayers have 
paid for.

2)  Copies of those letters to all the candidates for municipal election.

3)  Ask both groups who is responsible for the decision to use the 
particular solution implemented? 

4)  Ask them when it will be corrected?

5)  Point out to both the Library and the candidates, that you would like 
to know what are they putting on the persons Record of Employment, 
unwilling to do the job correctly, or does not know how to do the job 

Copy all that correspondence to the media.  Including TV and Print.

Just my $02 

Jim H

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