[nSLUG] linux home or workplace automation and Universal Powerline Bus

Daniel Morrison draker at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 21:18:57 ADT 2008

> So STP is a bit like auto-negotiate -- best if left on everywhere, but
> reasonable to turn off in particular circumstances, e.g. a special fibre
> link to another location, in which there'll never (did I say never?) be a
> loop, but which might be subject to power flickers (e.g. a repeater
> somewhere).
> (STP is also good for failover. )

Or indeed, if you have TWO long links to somewhere, rather than bonding
them together when the bandwidth isn't needed, plug them both in
separately, and let STP choose which one to make dark.  Now if one link is
accidentally cut, the other will come to life in less than a minute.


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