[nSLUG] Measured wattage of atom system

Daniel Morrison draker at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 19:01:00 ADT 2008

2008/9/16 Rich <budman85 at eastlink.ca>:
> What gets me, why don't apartment complexes have solar cells on their roof
> tops.  There are an abundant number of apartments in HRM.  Why not try it?

In principle, I totally agree.  Picking nits though, the answer to your
question is: too expensive.  PV solar simply does not produce enough power per
dollar of initial investment cost (yet).

Solar hot water, on the other hand, does, and it _is_ happening.  I just
noticed a rack of a half-dozen or so solar hot water panels (to my eye,
anyhow) on top of the Almon St. Canada Post compound.

> Landlords can make money by selling it to the rental units, and anything
> left over back to the city.

A governmental incentive programme for landlords to do this (passing savings
on to tenants too, of course) could be instrumental in making this happen.

> However, it might conflict with the newly painted coal smoke stacks (is that
> what the 10% price hike was for).

Are they newly painted?   You'd think they'd paint them sky blue with white
patches, wouldn't you?  :)


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