[nSLUG] Measured wattage of atom system

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Tue Sep 16 18:27:32 ADT 2008

> Option 1) we won't know unless we try.  With such a sparsely populated
> country, I wouldn't be surprised if Canada were able to produce all its
> electricity from renewable sources (I'm including hydro electricity in this).
> Don't forget also that the next generation of PV solar cells might be either
> dirt cheap, or highly (75%) efficient.  If we're lucky, the generation after
> that will be _both_ cheap and efficient.

Just a side note - Last year there was a major discovery creating very 
cheap solar cells from sea sponges.
It was the break trough they were waiting for.   We should start to see 
more and more cheap solar cells becoming
available in the next couple of years.

There was a great article in this month's Discover magazine about future 

The kite wind turbine sounds like it will be major hit - it will float 
into the upper atmosphere at 10,000 ft.
Stanford Univ has been monitoring wind patterns above the 30m mark, 
current windmill heights,
and said there is a potential of 72 trillion watts, the entire capacity 
of the US was a bit more than 1 trillion.
The kite will address the stalls that plague current wind mills by 
adjusting its height to the flow of the jet stream.

My opinion, I think fossil fuels are on their way out, just look at the 
price gouging.
Its almost like they sense what is coming and want to make as much 
profit as they can now.


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