[nSLUG] Considering the Inspiron 1525

Daniel Morrison draker at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 17:23:40 ADT 2008

2008/9/16 Michael Gillie <mikegpc at gmail.com>:
> As much as I love linux, in my field, I have come to rely on systems that
> have good stability,


> and compatibility with the programs I need to use, like
> Adobe suites, as well as other programs.

Same goes for me.  Windows is not at all compatible with the programs I like
to use, unless I use stripped-down, compatibility layers (unixutils.exe,

> This really leaves me two options for reliability, ease of use, and power.

...which are... windows and mac?

> Altho Windows is as buggy as **** and can't do **** without anything less
> then 1 gig of ram MINIMUM on Vista, it's able to meet my needs.

If it meets your needs and you're willing to pay for it and put up with the
annoyances, then it's the system for you.

> I love Mac, but the price hurts me just thinking about it.

20" iMac with 2.4 GHz x86 CPU (compatible with Windows and Linux as well as
MacOS X), 1GB RAM and 250 GB hard drive: $1250.  Or, for the same price,
double the RAM, reduce the HD to 160, and it becomes a 13" MacBook portable.

Pretty good prices.  Go for used if you're on a budget.

> I'll stick with experimental linux usage until Ubuntu, Solaris, or
> Fedora/Mandriva get it together and make something better then Wine, and
> more compatible. I can't run my power-hungry tools in anything less then a
> native environment without issues.

You say that as though it's a foregone conclusion that this is their
objective!  I sure hope it isn't.  I experience enough frustration that major
free software projects are becoming infected with Windows crap, even on Linux
(e.g. firefox used to allow Ctrl-U to kill a line, just like in the shell.
Somewhere around FF 2.0 they took away that functionality (which was nicely
localized to text input areas) and replaced it with Ctrl-U -> show page
source.  Why do they think I want to see the current page source when my mouse
focus is in the URL bar?  Idiocy...)

In any case, I wouldn't come near to claim that Ubuntu (Debian), Solaris, or
Fedora/Mandriva need to get their act together.  Firstly, they are not the
Wine developers anyway.  But more importantly: wine is an amazing
accomplishment, when you consider that the biggest, most wealthy monopoly in
the computer industry thinks nothing of playing dirty pool (strong arm
tactics, embracing and extending open protocols, purposefully breaking upgrade
compatibility) in order to make the goals of Wine near-impossible to reach.

It's like saying you won't buy produce from your friendly neighbourhood farmer
unless he "gets his act together" and provides blemish free produce year-round
at your beck and call like the supermarkets do (imported from the tropics).
It just ain't gonna happen, and there are strong arguments that it should
_not_ happen.

> I'm bound to get jeered at by the majority of my fellow linux-lovers, but
> the fact is, Windows, as much as I hate MS, like the rest of the linux users
> out there, I have to steck with the Monopoly until the time is right.

Naturally -- when you reply to a hardware discussion with OT rant bashing
Linux, you will get jeered at.

All your absolute statements ("my needs", "have to stick with the Monopoly")
are prisons of your own creation.  You don't "have" to do anything.  If you
make the decision that, from a moral standpoint, the use of commercial
software from monopolies is Wrong, and the use of free software is Right, then
you enter a new world, and you suddenly realize that anything is possible.
"Just do it".


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