[nSLUG] Measured wattage of atom system

Daniel MacKay daniel at bonmot.ca
Tue Sep 16 15:54:32 ADT 2008

On 2008-09-16, at 15:47 , Daniel Morrison wrote:

>> and lots of stuff in the future (whether hydrogen cells are  
>> involved is
>> mute, as hydrogen will be produced by electrolysis).

This is another thing I deal with on a regular basis.

New solar ns person : "The future will be powered by hydrogen!"
Me: "Oh yes? Where will the hydrogen come from?"
New: "From hydrolyiss of the water!  We're surrounded by the ocean!"
Me: "But you use electricity to do that, right?"
New: "Correct.  You do know a thing or two, don't you?"
Me: "Where will that electricity come from?"
New: "well DUH!! From hydrogen fuel cells of course!"

Again - we don't need no stinkin' laws.

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