[nSLUG] Home NAS recommendations $400-$600?

Daryl 7thson.clone at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 07:51:09 ADT 2008

Hi Luke

far as the storage, really don't have any input as I've never used one 
and just recently hit the 200gig hard drive mark when I bought an 
external drive :)

for the hard drives, if they are 10 gig or bigger, I'd be interested in 
taking them off your hands as I'm working on a project to try and revive 
some old systems, install Linux on them and donate them to families who 
otherwise wouldn't be able to get a computer. (helps the kids with 
having a computer and homework and exposes them to Linux so we can get 
them off windows early ;) ) I've had success with reviving an old 
Toshiba Tecra 550 cdt with a 12 gig drive by installing Debian 4 with 
XFCE and it actually runs decent. Timed the boot process and was at the 
desktop in under 3 minutes.


Luke Gavel wrote:
> Thanks everybody for your replies so far.  I'm listing more of what I would be looking for in an independent storage station:
> - 4 bays sata-capable for upwards scalability
> - full hardware-level RAID capability
> - RJ45 port (shouldn't have to specify this)
> - low watts usage ('green' fans, etc)
> - linux-based kernel for durability and small footprint
> - what else?
> I *could* convert a AMD linux workstation I'm using at home to a non-dedicated storage solution.  It's sata-capable, but currently just using two IDE drives for Fedora 5 and KDE.  All the older motherboards that I have are old Pentiums (ie 233MMX) or even a 486 with SIMMs and four IDE connectors.  I have too many old IDE drives lying around that are too small now to use actively or cheaply with the NS-Power company.  One of them is from my late mother, so at some point, I have to transfer the data from at least that drive to some sort of redundant and active storage array to at least preserve the stuff for me and the siblings.  Somehow I assumed custody of it...
> I think I have about five to seven different little IDE HDs in both 3.5" and 5.25" sizes.  What the heck do I do with them?  Throw them at dogs and cats?
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>> On Tue, Sep 09, 2008 at 10:16:37AM -0400, Joe Dunn wrote:
>>> Hey Lukie,
>>> Synology makes a nice product. I demo'ed some of
>> their stuff a couple months
>>> ago, the ajax interface is slick and it does lots of
>> little neato things. IP
>>> camera tie-ins, daapd, shell access. It runs a
>> modified debian install and
>>> the processor is a PPC600ghz.
>>> If i were you Luke i'd just grab an old box and
>> install FreeBSD on it or
>>> FreeNAS. The beta version of FreeNAS does ZFS now.
>> I've had one core dump
>>> (in 140 days of operations) of FreeBSD 7.0 Release
>> running ZFS. (kernel ran
>>> out of memory for ZFS operations)
>> Using ZFS on FreeBSD for anything important is a little
>> crazy. Using
>> ZFS period for anything important is a little crazy (see
>> also:
>> http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/01/15/joyent-suffers-major-downtime-due-to-zfs-bug/)
>> ... but if you're going to do it, you're almost
>> certainly better off
>> using Solaris or at least something with its kernel
>> (Nexenta if you <3
>> the GNU userland etc.)
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