[nSLUG] First monthly nSLUG meeting of 2008 a success

Luke Gavel fidomail2002 at yahoo.ca
Thu Sep 4 01:54:15 ADT 2008

Well, it's the thought that counts with having regular meetings.  Unfortunately, my work shift schedule is filled for every first tues of every month.  There is just no way I can drive four hours back to the most western county of NS (Yarmouth) after attending a linux group meet starting at 5:30pm and be back at work in time because my shift starts at 8pm.  Sorry guys.  

I'm actually relieved, because too much money that I simply do not have would just be spent on the gas for the trip.  I'd have to stay awhile in town and flip some burgers McDoodle's to earn enough moolah again for the return trip.  :-)

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> Wow... I didn't even get to compile a decent sized list
> of people and
> we've already forked a new distribution. :-)
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