[nSLUG] Solar Panels in Halifax

Daniel MacKay daniel at bonmot.ca
Wed Sep 3 20:58:22 ADT 2008

> I was just hoping to do some tinker/DIY stuff.  Nothing major, but  
> I haven't been able to find ANY small solar cells.  Would you  
> happen to know of somewhere to get something like that?

Radio Shack used to sell 'em -- just teeny ones IMHO useful for  
sensors; you could check the Halifax Shopping Centre store, which  
still has a few components.

I've been buying them from Edmund Scientific for forty years:
* http://scientificsonline.com/category.asp?c=421306&bhcd2=1220485400
* http://www.escience.ca/genSci/RENDER/8/1040/1090/W1090.html

Canadian Tire sells quite economical panels in a size that you can  
actually run things with, e.g.
* http://www.canadiantirepower.ca/en/productdetail.php?sku=0111883

You can also buy solar calculators at the dollar store or yardsale or  
fleamarket; and rip their teeny cells out.

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