[nSLUG] Re: The tide turned in Armdale Cove...

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Mon Sep 1 04:44:46 ADT 2008

Rich wrote:

> Here is a script I wrote a while back that animates the images.
> [snip]
> use LWP;

Huh.  I have a love/hate relationship to Perl. I get a lot of mileage
out of the regular expressions but many of the cute features of the
syntax drive me nuts.  I've never used the libwww-perl lib.  I've used
IO::Socket in several scripts to fetch specific pages that I want to
edit on the fly before viewing or to implement a spam filter via
POP3.  The only snag I've hit was when the remote HTTP host used
"chunking" -- I think that was the term -- for the reply data and my
script expected to just simplemindedly parse a single stream of data.
Maybe LWP::Something-or-other would take care of that.

> I had it using Image Magick module, but that broke in the recent
> version of Slack...

The version of Image Magick that came with Slack 10.1 surely has a bug
or three.  Several things (IIRC) that I occasionally try to do cause
either a crash (of the app, not the system) or severely wrong
rendering of images.  Looking forward to getting a newer version with
Slack 12 RSN.

Maybe I can learn something about LWP from your script.  

- Mike

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