[nSLUG] Sound problem (isn't there always?)

Daniel Morrison draker at gmail.com
Sat Oct 11 14:58:18 ADT 2008

2008/10/11 Aaron Spanik <a.spanik at ns.sympatico.ca>:
> While many older CD-ROMs would output analog via a patch cable to the
> sound card, most of the CD/DVD drives you buy today no longer even have
> that connector on the back (and many soundcards and motherboards no
> longer have the connector either). Playing audio CDs on a modern linux
> usually involves transferring the data off the disc and using the
> soundcard to do the DAC.

Huh.  I went looking at some specs on currently available LG drives,
and you're right.

My only reaction is: WTF are they thinking?  Drives from a few years
ago gave you a choice: analog audio, or digital audio extraction.  New
drives give you no choice: DAO only.

It must be a cost savings issue.  What a pain.  DAO is great if you
want to rip mp3s.   It's total overkill and a waste of CPU if all you
want to do is listen to your audio CD.

Maybe they figure that in this digital age, nobody wants to use their
computer as a glorified stereo anymore.  Hmph.

Note: the system in question is a P4, probably a few years old.  In
fact, the Dell specs state that there _is_ a 4-pin CD-Audio header on
the motherboard:


So don't give up on the analog solution yet!


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