[nSLUG] Sound problem (isn't there always?)

Daniel Morrison draker at gmail.com
Sat Oct 11 05:05:40 ADT 2008

2008/10/11 Mike Spencer <mspencer at tallships.ca>:

> Just installed Slackware 12.1.  All is well. Er, well, most is well.
> Can't play a music CD.

> This is a Dell Dimension 3000 w/ Intel P4 CPU and (according to lspci)
> Intel 82801EB/ER (ICH5/ICH5R) Audio Controller.

> There are two drives: One CD and one CD/RW.  The above problem occurs
> whether I point /dev/cdrom to /dev/hdd or /dev/hdc (with a CD in the
> appropriate drive, of course.)

Have you ever played a music CD on this hardware before (another OS)?

If not, I'll bet neither CDROM is patched into your sound card.

Remember that playing audio CDs is an analog operation.  The IDE
interface tells the CD drive to 'play', and analog audio comes out of
the dedicated left/right/ground audio connector on the drive itself,
and must be attached to your sound card's (motherboard's) CD or AUX
inputs using one of those CD analog audio cables that come in about
three hundred different flavoured ends.

In fact, this might work even if Linux doesn't support your audio
chipset at all.  So long as the default mixer/amp level is audible,
(analog) sound will come out of your headphone jack.  Also, you don't
need OS support for your CDROM drive, if your drive has a 'play'
button.  If your CDROM drive has both a 'play' button and a headphone
jack, you don't even need a computer!  Just power up the drive!


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