[nSLUG] Invitation to connect on LinkedIn

Michael Crawford mdcrawford at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 16:49:28 ADT 2008

> ... I get these periodically from people, has anyone actually gotten
> any benefit out of LinkedIn that they want to share with the class?

When I moved back to Silicon Valley from Nova Scotia, I used LinkedIn
to reconnect with many friends I had not seen in years.

I also get occasional job offers through it.

A consultant friend uses it pretty seriously to find clients.

In general it's a good thing, but some recruiters use it to troll for
prospects.  Once they connect to you they'll be able to see all your
connections, and will then troll them.

LinkedIn only works properly if you only connect to people you really
know, whether professionally, as friends or from school.

If you like, I could start an NSLUG group on LinkedIn and you could
all join it. :-D

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