[nSLUG] Remote Desktop

Greg gregmcal at eastlink.ca
Wed Nov 19 11:14:55 AST 2008

I am moving from Windows to Linux and I am looking for a remote support
solution to replace the one I am currently using. It needs to be available
in both Linux and windows, and needs to replace the combination of Hamachi
and UVNC I have been looking at on the windows side. It needs to be open
source of course and hopefully as simple a setup. The tunnelling of Hamachi
allows me to access a computer without changing router/firewall/gateway
settings on the client (need to be able to be installed and configured
during a 5 min. phone call) but Hamachi is not open licensed, the Linux
version is no longer in production and I am told the Linux version is buggy.


Any suggestions would be helpful.

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