[nSLUG] Breaking into a server

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Tue Nov 18 19:32:32 AST 2008

Good day all;

I have a client with a problem.  Client has lost admin access to their 
IBM hardware Linux OS box.  They have the machine but no longer have root 
or admin access because of password issues.

At this point I do not yet know the version of Linux it uses.  I do know 
they would like to gain access to it.  The server is on their premises 
and it really is theirs.

My question is what are the suggested ways to regain access to the system 
as root to reset the passwords.

I am open to all suggestions 

I have never had to do this in all my time running Linux systems, so am 
at a loss as to where to start.


Jim Haliburton

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