[nSLUG] recommended free shell for using swaks?

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 12:09:20 AST 2008


Occassionally I'll want to test out MX server changes on
a dev box, and swaks from outside our network
is the preferred way to do this.  I had a vex.net account
for awhile but reconsidered that dishing out $120
per year for this was too much (no raise this year, while
cost of living rises more).

ISP's block outbound port 25 so this is why I seek
something other than doing it from home.

I suppose I could set up an alternate port
to talk over, just for the testing.  But there might
be other situations where I'd like to check DNS,
firewall, etc. from the outside and a shell account
with network tools would be handy.

I found a list of free shell account providers here:


Some are out of action, many are restricted until you make
a donation.  I applied to geekshells a few days ago
and have not heard anything.

I wondered if there is anyone on the list who uses
a free shell service they are happy with.
I might opt for SDF Public Access Unix
with the one time fee of $36 if I don't find
another option.

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