[nSLUG] Virtualbox problem (was Re: Debian vserver kernel)

Jack Warkentin jwark at eastlink.ca
Sat Nov 8 15:40:59 AST 2008

Hi Daniel

Daniel Morrison wrote:

> I have never tried a Linux install inside VirtualBox (never had a need
> for that) but I tried many times to share a folder from my host OS
> (CentOS 4) to the guest OS (WinXP) in VirtualBox 1.6.4, following
> Sun's instructions.  No matter which way I tried it, it never worked.
> I eventually gave up, and hope that an upgrade to VirtualBox (it's at
> version 2.0.4 now) would fix it, but I haven't tried yet.

This is useful information, as my next step after getting the GNU/Linux 
vm working is to get a Windows XP vm working, specifically with a shared 



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