[nSLUG] PCI wireless card as access point

Ron Dewar Ron.Dewar at ccns.nshealth.ca
Thu May 22 09:57:10 ADT 2008

quite so. 

In my situation, there was also a router handing out internal LAN IP
addresses on the 'other' side of the PC bridge, and also doing NAT

If all you have is a single PC sitting on Eastlink's modem, then you
certainly need something to do internal DHCP and NAT.  Wireless routers
are cheap and easy to set up.  They can also be had locally on Kijiji as
people change from G routers to N routers, or otherwise get bored with
hardware that is more than a year old.  

I have a spare wireless router that certainly seems to work.  I am
certain that it would be happy to spend the rest of its days helping the
Greens.  Contact me off the list if you want to go that route...


>>> draker at gmail.com 2008/05/21 8:47 pm >>>
Might I suggest: boot a "live CD" distro, such as Ubuntu.  If all the
hardware is supported, you can configure it as a NAT gateway.  The
hard disk is left untouched for the eventual return of the equipment.

Note that the bridging solution mentioned probably won't work, as each
wireless client would require a valid Internet IP address.  You need
NAT routing instead.


2008/5/21 Ron Dewar <Ron.Dewar at ccns.nshealth.ca>:
> I had to look into this earlier on this month.  Google and read
> 'bridging' two network devices in XP.  Here's one example:
> http://www.homenethelp.com/web/howto/windows-xp-bridge.asp 
> Apparently it won't work for all wireless cards (from something else
> read - the above tutorial does not mention it).  I never got it to
> work...
> Ron
>>>> jpaulb at eastlink.ca 2008/05/21 11:40 am >>>
> At the Green Party office is a computer with a wired and a wireless
> card. The wired is connected to Eastlink cable modem. Can the
> card be used as an access point for wireless laptops giving them
> internet access also?
> The crappy part of this is: that the box is running Windoze XP :-[ ,
> haven't used Windoze since 98SE. The stuff has been loaned, so it is
> not
> mine to change, as much as I would like to.
> Thanks
> Paul
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