[nSLUG] White Elephant (Was: Slack upgrade (Was: USB storage hot-swap...))

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Mon May 19 21:26:45 ADT 2008

me> ...[the manual is] a single 780-page PDF of scanned page images so
me> the "text" isn't text and isn't searchable.

bbaydar> Have you considered running the PDF through some of the
bbaydar> various OCR software out there?

I don't think it's worth the trouble.  I really don't.  Even perfect
text would lose sync with the pictures, not to mention that much of it
is in three columns of parallel English, French and Italian text
following the German text, a horrible format for OCR to figure out.

But if you know of a Linux-supported OCR package that works well, I'd
be interested to know what it is.  I experimented with GNU ocrad 0.15
some time ago but didn't get usable results.  Be nice to have
something around.

- Mike

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