[nSLUG] Re: Slack upgrade (Was: USB storage hot-swap...)

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Sun May 18 13:37:44 ADT 2008

draker> I know only a single major version upgrade is "supported" by
draker> the instructions in UPGRADE.TXT, but I have successfully (and
draker> quite easily) upgraded over multiple version numbers
draker> (e.g. slack 9 - > slack 11, slack 10 -> slack 12).

Well, it's good to know that somebody has done Slack 10->12 without
falling into a month of snakepit.  I'll read all the relevant stuff
more carefully before I decide just how I'll go.  My last upgrade was
Slack 8->10.1. Nothing crashed and burned but it was annoying because
the package name format had changed between 8->9.

George> I think most of the udev problems have been sorted out...

Oh, good.  I don't have Palm/PDA/whatever or other tricky toys to
worry about.

George> Some vendors (IBM, Dell) provide documents online (usually as PDF),
George> as do some system board vendors.

Ah, yes. I *have* solved a couple of problems from online mobo & PCI
card manuals.

Drifting a bit off-topic: I recently found a running diesel engine of
suitable size and acceptable price to power the White Elephant [1]
sitting in my yard.  No major documentation on-line that I could find.
Bought the shop manual from Deutz on CD, $110.  It has everything that
I *don't* really need to know in typical Germanic precision & detail,
in four languages.  Has none of the particular details that I *do*
need to know and, to top it off, it's a single 780-page PDF of scanned
page images so the "text" isn't text and isn't searchable.

RTFM is sometime more trouble than it's worth.  Grumble.

- Mike

[1] White Elephant: 300# Alldays & Onions air hammer.  Details on my
    web site.  No Linux relevance.

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