[nSLUG] cifs on Redhat Linux, and getting a full Redhat kernel for RHEL 5

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Tue May 13 17:44:49 ADT 2008

> This resolved my problem.  Apache does not consider it an apache bug
> it seems!  The developer's idea of where their responsibility ends
> and the users idea of what they need to make the software fly
> have always been a gap apart, and this bug report is an excellent
> example of that.

Cool.  Thanks.  :)

hehe bugs..  Microsoft Tech told me "There are no such things as bugs, 
and please refrain from calling it such."
I asked, "Well what do I call it!  A feature!"
he said, "Its known as a programming infraction".

At that point - I laughed and said - okay whatever, is there a 
workaround for the non-working event.
(there was a bug in the taskbar menu not clearing after a right click, 
if the mouse left the menu popup area -
I had to force an event watching the mouse events)  You know it took 
them two weeks to come up with a work around.

I always remember that and still crack up at it.


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