[nSLUG] cifs on Redhat Linux, and getting a full Redhat kernel for RHEL 5

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Mon May 12 18:41:34 ADT 2008

>> for Redhat 4 says you can get a full kernel with a special up2date
>> command.  'up2date' is not available in Redhat 5, and I don't find another
>> knowledgebase item describing how to get Redhat 5's full kernel.
> Look at  'yum' 
> |
> RH5:  yum update
> RH4:  up2date -u
> |


Not sure on the sources as I don't have a RH machine to try it on.
:)  Thats why I stopped using RH - binaries binaries binaries...

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