[nSLUG] cifs on Redhat Linux, and getting a full Redhat kernel for RHEL 5

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Mon May 12 18:37:20 ADT 2008

D G Teed wrote:
> We've been having some fits with cifs - linux client and
> windows server.  Files are sometimes truncated when they are not small
> and viewed over the Linux apache server to access the files
> mounted from Windows.
> I reproduced the problem between 2 Redhat servers, mounting with cifs,
> and determined that any file > 256 bytes would not display.  This is
> much worse than what I saw between Linix client and Windows server
> with cifs mount and apache.
> Strangely, accessing the mounted files from the OS seems to be
> without error.  It is only Apache over the mount which exhibits
> problems.
> My debian desktop can mount the Windows server with cifs
> and serve the files in it's apache flawlessly.  It also supports
> smbfs (which also works flawlessly), whereas Redhat has killed
> the smbfs option in their kernel.
> I compiled a new samba on one Redhat system to test whether smbfs
> would work better, but I'm missing the smbfs kernel module.  I put kernel-devel
> package on there, but it does not include a full kernel.  The Redhat
> knowledgebase
> for Redhat 4 says you can get a full kernel with a special up2date
> command.  'up2date' is not available in Redhat 5, and I don't find another
> knowledgebase item describing how to get Redhat 5's full kernel.

Look at  'yum' 
RH5:  yum update
RH4:  up2date -u

> Does anyone know of a resource to get the full Redhat kernel for RHEL 5?
> Here is a tip you might want to know: purchases at Redhat's online store
> done in error (because the description is vague) are non-refundable.
> If Redhat is not providing the kernel source they use, is this not a
> violation of the GPL?
> --Donald
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