[nSLUG] Re: Sendmail configuration

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Wed Mar 19 20:07:04 ADT 2008

Deepan <codeshepherd at gmail.com> quoth:

> I am using sendmail via php mail function to send emails. However
> few servers reject my mails with the error 'Sender address rejected:
> Domain not found', since mails from my server are sent as
> email at localhost.localdomain.

Isn't php a programming language?  Can you not code your php function
to set the From:, Sender: and Reply-To: headers to anything you like?

I do that inside Gnu Emacs via the Emacs config file.  There're still
a couple of Received: headers that show my originating hostname as
bogus.nodomain.nowhere but with a real IP address and matching, legit,
dynamic hostname.

> We only own a public IP.  we dont really have a domain name, is it
> possible to use IP ?

If you had posted from the affected address/sendmail instead of gmail,
we might be able to deduce something useful from your headers.

- Mike

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