[nSLUG] External hard drive problems (solved)

Vikram Chhatre crypticlineage at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 22:55:16 ADT 2008

> It sounds like this could be done with Linux and mkdosfs, with the
> appropriate paramaters.
> Default sector size is 512 bytes, so it would be possible to fit 64
> sectors into a cluster without exceeding a 32kB cluster size.
> mkdosfs -F 32 -s 64 -S 512 -v /dev/sda1

I followed the above approach to formatting the partition and everything
worked perfectly.  Another thing I noticed while using fdisk was, last time
I had not changed the partition type to Win95 FAT32.  In stead the partition
was still Linux 83 although it was formatted using mkdosfs with FAT32
filesystem.  Perhaps, that contributed to the problem I was having as well.

My external hard drive works flawlessly across a bunch of winxp machines and
the Slackware box.

Thank you everyone who replied.

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